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The Tick42 Team



Leslie Spiro is CEO of Tick42, setting the direction for the company, co-ordinating the various areas of the business and seeing that people have the resources and support they need to work effectively and enjoyably.
After initially reading law at university, Leslie quickly moved to computing, and then to his one and only proper job, working at Logica for a year, before leaving to start his first company. This had the unfortunate consequence that he made all his early mistakes at his own expense rather than someone else’s. Meanwhile, he met his wife at the London Business School, which made determining whether his MBA was worth the time and money an easy call.
Since then he has been involved in founding and running a number of successful software companies: Software Design & Construction (which delivered Reuters first Triarch Workstation), EasyScreen (listed on LSE as first TechMark stock) and DOT, each of which have focused on providing products and services to the trading room.




As Tick42's Head of Consultancy, Tom is responsible for the delivery of products and services to our clients. His original degree was in chemistry, but after 6 years of post-graduate research, he found his time increasingly taken up building hardware and writing software for real-time data acquisition. From there, it was a short hop into the real world when he joined a leading manufacturer of analytical instruments.
The Perkin-Elmer corporation, which produces diagnostic tools, medical imaging equipment and software, gave Tom the chance to pioneer object technology and his development team there was one of the first in the world to adopt C++.
He next worked for Kapiti in a development and consultancy role helping create one of the first Windows-based market data distribution systems, and then BNP Paribas, where he delivered interactive pricing and risk functionality into front-office systems for fixed income trading.Tom joined DOT in 2000 and has subsequently been involved in every aspect of the business.






Stoyan is Tick42's Head of Development, based at our facility at Sofia in Bulgaria. where he leads the team responsible for the company’s .NET-related activity. He wrote his first BASIC program in 1988 when he was twelve on an Apple 2 clone and sold his first Pascal application 4 years later to his local Coca-Cola bottling company.

Stoyan is an entirely self-taught developer who says he managed to get into the software business “despite” his B.Sc from the University of World Economy, Sofia. A one-time Microsoft zealot, he was even a certified trainer for a while, but has since mellowed enough to acknowledge that other systems might conceivably exist. He’s worked since 2000 on projects for companies including Akzo Nobel, Bayer, BTC, Investec Bank/Intuit, License Online and Mobicom.

Winning two programming contests in 2003 led to him meeting Lubomir Konstantinov and together they worked for international companies including Thomson Reuters, Wombat FS and MTel before meeting Les Spiro in Oxford in 2004 and getting into market data and trading systems.

 Stoyan enjoys being a menace to Bulgaria’s conventional skiers, having recently discovered snowboarding.



Lubo is Tick42's Head of Development responsible for all our Java-related technology and projects. He’s also based in Sofia, and his fascination with computing began in 1984 when the first Apple 2 clones appeared in the Soviet bloc. He was just 11 at the time, and sold his first commercial application four years later.

In the entertainment-starved communist Bulgaria, maths and computing provided a welcome creative outlet and Lubo proved something of a prodigy, winning numerous informatics competitions along the way and graduating with the Gold Medal from his specialist High School. He later took a degree in Computer Science at the University of Sofia.

 In 2004 he met Leslie Spiro and Stoyan Damov and began his association with DOT, working on market data technology and trading systems for the first time.

 Lubo recently took up running and is making good progress although he claims he still fails to outrun Tom.