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The Tick42 Dashboard displays market data, risk and position data from a variety of sources including Reuters, Bloomberg (all feeds) and in-house sources including Streambase. It supports grid based views of data with a full set of financial display options (directional flashing, big numbers etc). The Dashboard can also host RTT controls able to correctly display Broker pages.




Why do you want it?

The Tick42 Dashboard is a useful cost saving component for users who want to view data from a variety of internal and third party data sources, without paying the costs associated with leading market data terminals. 

The Dashboard can display data directly from any existing market data platforms such as Thomson-Reuters, Nyse Technology or OpenMama, or for further cost savings the Tick42 Market Data platform can be used to distribute the data.

For consultancy projects to produce custom display applications, the Tick42 Dashboard often serves as a useful starting point since it supports standard price display pages with a save/restore layouts. The client specific version can then have any custom data sources and site specific functionality added, resulting in a cheaper project delivered in a shorter timescale.


How it works.


The Dashboard utilises the Display Framework <Link> to deliver a standard market data display application. 

The Framework utilises the RTT Drivers <Link> to access a wide range of market data feeds. There are also Streambase clients which can be configured to deliver data like Risk or Position per instrument which can then be merged in with the price data.

The Config Manager <Link> can be used to store Reference data about the set of available instruments and can also be used to centrally store application configuration data. All config data can be updated centrally and changes broadcast in real time.

The Dashboard is fully integrated with Tick42 Metrics <link> allowing the ability to monitor deployment, obtain aggregated statistics and provide excellent online support.