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A toolkit for quickly building functional and cost-effective trading dashboards and high performance real-time display applications.

The Dashboard framework enables Tick42 to quickly and cost effectively produce Real Time display applications and fully featured Trading Dashboards.

Using the pre-built functionality available from the Dashboard Framework, these applications will have a much richer set of functionality available in the first release than producing a GUI from using standard development tools.


Why do you want it?

If you are developing a new trading system and need a Dashboard that can display lots of fast moving market data using market conventions (directional flashing, big number support etc) from a variety of data sources, then Tick42 can use the Dashboard Framework to produce this to your requirements quickly and cost effectively.

The Framework also supports trading (Trade tickets, order blotter, trade blotters showing tens of thousands of trades).

Alternatively if you need a market data display application to support existing dashboard users, maybe to replace a proprietary display application then Tick42 can produce this.

The ability of the Framework to support loadable drivers to supply data means that we may already have the data drivers you require (Reuters, Bloomberg (all flavours), Wombat/Nyse, Fix, Streambase) and if you require data from somewhere else a new driver can easily be produced.


How it works.

The Framework loads a configured set of data drivers which include support for Reuters, Bloomberg (Terminal, SAPI, BPod, Data Licence, BPipe), FIX, Streambase.

This data is then normalised into appropriate data models (e.g. Market Data, In-House Orders, Client Trades), and then pre-built display components (Grids, filtered views, Level 1 displays) are used to display the data.

Data from various sources can be merged into the same views. This allows the display of pricing, risk and position data in the same views.

The Framework also offers tabbed displays, save and restore layout and the ability to raise support requests and bug reports from within the GUI (very important to reduce support costs).

The Framework can make full use of the Tick42 Config Manager to store user configuration and instrument reference data, and also use the Tick42 Metrics which allows support to monitor where the display application is running, any problems it may display and also (via the use of durable Metrics also record major events like load/save layout and open/close of instruments).


The Tick42 Architecture