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Alert Manager

A system to manage notifications raised by applications and system monitoring tools such as TICK42 Metrics



A notification or alert is any event about which a user should be notified so they can take remedial action. Alerts can then be closed, either via a GUI or by an application. Alerts can range from business events such as trades failing to book, to system events such as services dying, or leaking memory.
Alerts can be broadcast over a variety of notification channels, including e-mail, and can also be broadcast over the bus. A simple GUI notification window is also available.

Different categories of alerts can have different notification lists/channels and different workflows associated with them.

So why would you want it?

The Tick42 Alert Manager is simple to deploy and provides a handy way for applications to raise alerts for investigation. This ease-of-use is perhaps its most attractive feature, and its USP over the many Management Systems which offer alerting, e.g. Nagios, Zabbix, OpenView and Tivoli. These are often exceedinglycomplex to set up and deploy and are really intended for the much more complex role of managing large, heterogeneous networks.

But if you just want a simple way to notify users that something has occurred in an application or something untoward is in your system, then the Tick42 Alert Manager is precisely what you need.

How it works...

A centralised server stores alerts when they occur or their status changes and notifies users via a configurable set of distribution channels.

Alerts can either be raised via a Web Service API or by publishing a message on the Bus (a variety of Bus transports is supported). Alerts can be managed via a web interface, by a simple Windows pop-up application or via the Alerts Manager API.


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