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A robust application metrics tool offering a broad range of benefits both to developers and the run-the-bank operations team




Tick42 Metrics combines the benefits of a robust metrics tool, allowing developers to report continuously on the availability and performance of their applications, with an easy-to-use means of publishing metrics to a range of system monitoring platforms. 


So why would you want it?


Compared to common home grown instrumentation solutions, Tick42 Metrics offers a simple API to capture a range of metrics and event types which can then be published on any of the Tick42 transports as well as to log files,Windows performance counters or JMX.

Tick42 Metrics also includes a useful viewing and alerting system to use during debug and testing.


However the biggest benefits come when applications built with Tick42 Metrics are released into production. Its daily use by developers results in a system with a more clearly-focused set of metrics, any subset of which can be published to an enterprise monitoring system such ITRS's Geneos or HP's OpenView simply by changing a configuration file.

This richer set of metrics strengthens Operations’ ability to spot problems before they occur - queues lengthening or latency increasing - and to diagnose production incidents promptly.

For smaller organisations without a Systems Monitoring Platform in place, Tick42 Metrics provides a simple monitoring and alerting system to improve support of production systems.



The benefits of providing a context in which both application developers and production teams can discuss monitoring, from the inception of a system, through its developement, deployment and right through its production life, cannot be understated.

The efficient implementation means that metrics code can be kept in the application during its entire lifecycle and elements switched on or off as required.

The Tick42 metrics storage system allows developers to record and compare test sessions and operations teams to analyse and aggregate performance data and identify trends.

Tick42 metrics is integrated with the Tick42 Application Control tools to allow fine control over metrics publishing at run time; for example to swtich on additional metrics for one instance of a service that appears to be having performance problems.


How it Works

Metrics systems are created by the programmer. A default metrics system provides some basic performance and status metrics. Additional metrics are added and updated by the programmer as required.

The metrics are published on one or more transports at configurable intervals.

Applications can subscribe to metrics published on any of the Tick42 transports. Other transports such as windows performance counters or Geneos have their own specific viewers. The csv file transport is designed to be viewed in Excel.  

The Tick42 metrics storage system is another metrics subscriber. It simply subscribes on one of the Tick42 Transports and stores the metrics in a database. A variety of mechanisms are in place to recover metrics data in the event of a component failure.


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Metrics and the Tick42 architecture

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