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Real-Time Toolkit

RTT, the Real-Time Toolkit, provides simple, cost-effective mechanisms to access data from different market data sources.




Configurable adapters to subscribe and publish on a variety of data platforms, coupled with an efficient Last Value Cache and diagnostic tools combine to simplify the development of market data applications.


So why would you want RTT?

Combined with Tick42's Market Data Platform, RTT provides a low cost data distribution platform, perfect when distributing internal data to back and middle office workgroups which don't justify the cost of a full Market Data terminal from Bloomberg or Reuters.

This is obviously pertinent when working with the various Bloomberg Feeds, since Tick42's Data Permissioning system can be used to create Bloomberg approved user and application permissioning mechanisms suitable for use with SAPI, B-Pod and Managed B-Pipe feeds.

RTT allows easy recording of data and playback on desktop applications allowing users to develop and test appliations without expensive data feeds, and to work when exchanges are closed.


Its been doing it for a long time...

The Tick42 Real Time Toolkit was originally created over 15 years ago to make working with real-time data easier.

From its early days as a VBX add-in for Visual Basic 1.0, the goal of RTT has been to allow developers to create robust, high-performance, production-quality applications without having to worry about the details of different market data vendor's APIs or deal with threading models, buffering and retry logic.

Over the years, the scope and sophistication of the product has grown in leaps and its ease of use has improved in parallel. As the great terpsichorean Gene Kelly once said, "If you make it look difficult you aren't trying hard enough."

RTT now offers access to a wide range of data sources and can still be used with the COM Objects from Visual Basic 6 as well as C#, Java, Streambase and C++.


Rtt provides...


  • Unrivalled support for working with simulated data.

  • Unit test run facilities

  • Access to recorded data for developers without the need to permission them for expensive live data.

  • Opportunities for work on development and testing while markets are closed.

  • An interface to work with Reuters, Bloomberg, Fix and other data sources

  • A spohisticated and efficient Latest Value Cache


This is particularly useful for companies with products needing to run over multiple vendors’ data. It’s easier to use than Vendor’s own toolkits, and has excellent monitoring and diagnostic tools built-in.

And finally, Tick42 have been using RTT not only to deliver projects to our clients, but also to develop our own applications. This dedicated consumption of our own dog food, coupled with the close support we give our users, means we offer features that make RTT easier to use than vendors' own toolkits.


Surviving the excel swamp

A special mention should also be given to Excel. For many people in technology Excel amounts to a fetid swamp in which unstructured, untestable systems are developed by people who won’t take ’no’ for an answer. But for those who need to analyse data from multiple sources in a dynamic and unstructured way, Excel remains a highly flexible and useful environment.

Tick42 technology enables Excel to manage large sets of fast-moving data in a number of different styles, both on the worksheet and in VBA macros and C# applications. And RTT products provide ways of managing and monitoring the performance of RTT within these Excel environments, giving users tools with which to explore the contents of all feeds available to them.


RTT and the Tick42 Architecture