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Inside Metrics


The rich functionality of the Tick42 metrics is the result of several years refinement of monitoring tools we have built into systems we have developed for clients


Simple programming model

Interface libraries are provided for .Net, Java and Streambase.

A simple initialisation call provides

  • Basic system metrics such as cpu and memory usage
  • Identity metrics such as hostname, process id, start time
  • Heartbeat and status


Developers can add application-specific information such as status, queue lengths, updates-per-second, server addresses and other key configuration data or whatever else is germane to the purpose of the application 


Additional metrics are easily added either through an intuitive api or by adding attributes to methods and classes. 



Store Metrics

The metrics storage system allows historical analysis and comparison of metrics data. This is valuable for capacity planning, incident post-mortems and in a wide variety of other situations.

Individual metrics items can be marked as durable - these are then cached locally to the process that is publishing them and can then be recovered in the event of network or some other component failure.

The metrics csv publisher allows recording of metrics in a form that can be easily analysed in Excel.


Organise Metrics

Metrics can be organised into a hierarchy of groups (metrics systems) in order to manage the published data in a rrational and structured fashion. For example metrics recording database activity and network activity could be grouped into their own subsystems. Metrics systems can be enabled and disabled independently.

Publish Metrics

Metrics can be published to a range of channels including including all the Tick42 transports, Windows performance counters and system monitoring platforms such as Geneos.

Publishers are specified by configuration so changing publishers dowa not require any code changes. Multiple publishers can be used simultaneously with different publishing rates.

Publishers can be enabled and disabled independently.

Subscribe to Metrics

The metrics subscription api is available to subscribe to any publishers using the Tick42 transports. Again, the API is available in .Net, Java and Streambase versions.


The api can be used to build custom monitoring applications. Here in Tick42 we believe in eating our own dogfood and use it to build the Metrics Viewer and Storage components.

View Metrics

The Metrics viewer provides an effective, easy to use, desktop tool for displaying metrics data.

A tabular view shows the basic information for all the processes the viewer is subscribing to.

The detailed metrics for any of these can be expanded out for more detailed anaysis

A graphics view  allows selected metrics to be displayed in a block graph format with blocks displaying selected values for each component. The graph can be built simply by draggiong and dropping items onto the graph window. GRaph node will automatically colour Red, Amber, Green according to status to provide a very cisible view of the system state


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