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Over the course of its consultancy work, Tick42 has produced a suite of products that help deliver scalable and professional solutions to clients. The User Manager and Alerts Manager provide useful functionality that can be delivered in a standalone mode for demo and development systems and then reconfigured to integrate with the relevant corporate LDAP and alerting systems if required. Metrics and the Configuration Manager represent new categories of products, focused on brining the benefits of Tick42’s real time experience into monitoring, reference data and application configuration.




GLUE comprises a set of related components that allow applications to interwork. As the name implies there is a sense of sticking separate applications together.

GLUE has been designed to allow solutions which are delivered as a set of loosely coupled systems, developed both in-house and by 3rd parties, to offer the coherence of monolithic applications whilst keeping the benefits of independent components with separate development, testing and delivery schedules.

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A robust application metrics tool offering a broad range of benefits both to developers and the run-the-bank operations team

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User Manager

The Tick42 User Manager provides a simple means of controlling access and defining what a user is allowed to do on a service.

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Configuration Manager

The Tick42 Configuration Manager features a sophisticated centralised management system capable of delivering changes to all applications in real time.

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Alert Manager

A system to manage notifications raised by applications and system monitoring tools such as TICK42 Metrics

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